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The idea for creating a publishing group (Education Center For Afghan Children) comes up in 2002 by a number of teacher, publisher and educational software developer in Stockholm, Sweden and have named it KODAKAN (which means children in Dari language). Until now KODAKAN have managed to publish more than 50 language learning books, story books for children, grammar book, interactive educational software and games, sound books etc . in Dari & Pashto languages for different level and ages.


The mother tongue is very important for the child's identity and that is the basis for the child's learning capacity. We do our best to provide better language resources for children and young students by adding more time and resources on the contents of the books.

We are developing and work on interesting projects to publish new books and PC- based language learning program in Dari & Pashto.


When you calling to KODAKAN it is often you get to talk to authors. We hope that you as teachers or students take advantage of the opportunity. We appreciate suggestions and ideas for improvement from you. You are welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail and share your ideas with us, also get answers to your questions.